A long-awaited Brownie Session

3rd Spennymoor Brownies dusted the cobwebs off their uniforms for their first face to face outdoor meeting at Camp House for an afternoon of fun, adventures and autumn crafts.

We started off with a picnic under several canopies erected by our parents so that no one even noticed the weather! It was lovely to hear the Brownies chattering away with each other in real life instead of on Zoom! The activities started with a couple of games of Hallowe’en bingo organised by Ava as one of the final elements for her Brownie Gold Award, with prizes of sweets going down very well! Ava’s sister, Mia, organised the next activity to complete her Gold Award; she demonstrated how to make a snow globe with woodland animals inside – quite topical for Camp House outdoor space. She even remembered to remind the girls to bring their own felt pens so no sharing and the Brownies went onto to play games and complete more crafts oblivious of the weather.

After what they described as “the best day ever” we rounded the day with a beautiful awards ceremony which started with 2 of our Brownies presenting the unit with plaques they had made for their Gold awards which we will use at all of our future ceremonies. Neve collected glass and stones from Seaham beach then recycled it to make a heart to show how much she loves Brownies, and Lizzie made a wood plaque & wrote on the Brownie Guide Law with her name on the back so we don’t forget her!

How could we forget this girl?!

Brownie Plaques made by 2 Brownies

It was our turn to do the presenting next and we awarded a total of 171 programme badges including 5 Gold awards, 6 Silvers & 12 Bronze awards & 83 challenge badges, anniversary badges & commemorative badges. All earned during lockdown – how good are our girls!?

3 very proud Brownie Leaders went home a lot lighter than they arrived to put their feet up!