Anna McNuff – Barefoot Britain in Durham South

On Sunday 4th August 2019, Anna McNuff met members of Durham South to deliver a talk to inspire girls in the midst of her ‘Barefoot Britain’ challenge where she was running the equivalent of 100 marathons barefoot!

Anna is an adventurer, author and self-confessed mischief maker. On a mission to explore the limit of her own potential, she’s eager to help the young women of Britain unlock theirs too. She is a proud UK ambassador for Girlguiding and VERY excited about meeting as many of the guiding community as possible during her latest challenge: #BarefootBritain.

Anna’s talk to the girls was so inspirational and animated, she kept the girls attention with her tales of other challenges she has completed.  In the group photo you can see, behind Anna, a girl holding Anna’s Unicorn leggings; she has these with her for times when ‘she needs to pull on her unicorn pants and crack on’ when times are low.

Anna McNuff with Durham South Members