Back into the swing of things!

The 6th Chester-Le-Street Rainbows are back into Guiding full swing. The girls are wearing their uniforms with pride again! They are enjoying seeing all their friends at Rainbows and making new friends too!

We started off the term doing our Feel Good skills builder. Last week the girls made decorated hands with all of their favourite things. These hands were then used to make a hedgehog that’s all about our unit which is now proudly on display for everyone to see.

This week’s rainbow session we had Steph from Kalma Yoga. The girls had a fabulous time-sharing yoga poses, they already knew some of the poses and learnt new ones. The girls enjoyed mindful breathing exercises as well.

Rainbows taking part in yoga skills

Annabelle completing part of her healthy mind interest badge by the river.

Annabelle From 6th Chester-Le-Street Rainbows has completed her healthy mind badge. She has completed a digital detox and a sensory safari in her local woods, focussing on the sound of the water in the river, then moved on to the feel of the stones. She also practiced tummy breathing on evenings too. By the end of term, she will hopefully earn her theme award. Well Done Annabelle! One step closer to her Gold Award!.