Brownie Badge Full House

Mia from 2nd Chester-Le-Street Brownies has been working hard this year to complete ALL of her Brownie interest badges. There are a total of 18 Brownie interest badges covering a wide range of topics, from Archaeology and Performing to Speaking out and Inventing!

Mia challenged herself to do activities that she wouldn’t normally do, joining salsa classes run via zoom with Shirley Ballast (she even taught her Dad some moves!). She also choreographed her own dance performance to show sadness.

Mia shows off her many badges, displayed on her Brownie Gilet.
Mia in front of a display saying 'Chester-le-Street Girlguiding Amazing things happen here'

Mia has also tried to make a different in her local community, setting up a petition to stop littering in her local area; she gained a lot of support, getting signatures to support her cause.

Mia is now only one theme award away from her Brownie Gold Award. Both Mia’s leaders( Sophie and Jess) are amazed with Mia’s determination to complete all of her badges throughout lockdown.

Collage of Mia and her Dad demonstrating some Salsa and part of her reduction of litter campaign.