Darlington Rangers Take Action and Make Change

Woodlands District Ranger Unit, in Darlington, have completed their Make Change Stage 5 Skills builder during lockdown.

This badge covers the following topics within its activities:

  1. The power you have to influence situations
  2. Spreading a change-making message
  3. Exploring the steps in a change-making campaign
  4. Identifying issues you care about
  5. Thinking about the needs of others

The Rangers discussed many topics while completing the badge activities on their virtual meetings. Plastic pollution is a subject that many of the Rangers feel strongly about, resulting in many personal manifestos and mini magazines being created on this topic. As a unit, when planning our programme, we are now trying to use minimum single use plastics as possible.

‘A small gesture of kindness can make a big difference to someone.’

The main task towards their Ranger badge was to take part in a social action project, designing packs that cost no more than £5, for a group of people they felt would benefit from some little packs of kindness.

The Rangers, in small groups, put together pitches to include who their pack should be for, what they will contain, the impact they wish to achieve and a breakdown of their costs. The Rangers then voted for their favourite pitch and planning was underway.

Appreciation Packs of Teachers

The project the Rangers decided to undertake was to provide appreciation packs for teachers; they felt that many key workers during the COVID-19 period had received ample recognition however they felt that teachers had missed out slightly.

With the initial intention of raising £60 to enable each ranger to create 1 pack each, the Rangers far surpassed their fundraising goal by raising a total of £150. The packs were then put together to include, pens, sweet treats, hand cream and hand sanitizer before they were packaged and distributed.