Fire Fighting Fun

The 7th and 8th Darlington Rainbows had fun this evening at Darlington Fire Station. We had a look around the ‘pumps’ (also known as fire engines), to see all of the equipment that can be used by the fire fighters.

The Rainbows had a tour of the station, seeing where they store the fire engines, sky lift and other vehicles as well as looking around the other areas, such as gym, office and even the laundry room.

Sadly we weren’t allowed to try out the fire fighter’s pole even though the Rainbows told us they were experts from practice at the play park!

The comfy arm chairs in the break room took a pummelling as the Rainbows piled in to check out where the fire fighters rest after a tough job!

Rainbows learn about the sky lift vehicle
Rainbows looking at the pump system within the fire engine.

Of course the highlight of the visit was being able operate the fire hose. Everyone took their turn before seeing how the fire engines are refilled from the fire hydrants.

We spoke about the importance of smoke alarms at home and testing them as well as how reports from calling 999 get from the caller to the fire station. I think there were a lot of smoke alarms getting tested this evening once the Rainbows returned home!

Finally the fire engine did a lap of the yard with its lights and sirens on before we said goodbye and a big thank you to the Red Shift at Darlington Fire Station for showing us around.

The Rainbows enjoyed the visit with one Rainbow exclaiming “Best day ever!”.

Rainbow operates the fire hose
Rainbow operates the fire hose as others watch
Rainbow operates the fire hose