Residential Venues

What is a residential?

A residential event is an event that involves staying away from home for one or more nights. Help and advice are available locally from the Outdoor Activities Adviser (OAA) and Adviser for Camps and/or Holidays as well as the ‘Going Away With’ Scheme to give you the information and support needed when planning and running a residential.

Guides and Rangers complete a night line obstacle course

What types of residential events are there?

Overnight events – An overnight event involves staying away from home for one night only. All sections can attend overnight events which can be as close to home as in the unit meeting venue or further afield.

Holiday – Brownies, Guides and Rangers can on holidays staying overnight for two or more nights in indoor accommodation. Holidays can be in a variety or accommodation this includes caravans, hotels, narrow-boats and youth hostels.

Camp – Brownies, Guides and Rangers can camp for two or more nights in tents.

What is available in the Durham South area?

The Durham South area offers a number of venues that are available for your residential booking. You can browse these venues from the menu.