Up, Up and Away at East Shotton

Brownie flies her kite

What a great day was had!

St Helen Auckland and 4th Shildon St John’s Rainbows and Brownies had a great day on Saturday 25th September, up at the Guiding Camp Site at East Shotton near Raby Castle.

The weather was good for the day, we got away without getting wet and the views from the Barn are, as always, spectacular.

The girls gained the Up Up and Away Challenge Badge, which included making Kites, Straw Rockets and Balloon Rockets, among other things. Was lovely to hear the whoops of joy when letting the balloon rockets go, not all went according to plan mind you, especially when the balloons burst, as they were over- inflated – I think the girls thought the bigger the balloon the further it would fly!!

Brownie testing out her straw rocket
Flying a kite in a large field
releasing the balloon rocket
flying a kite in a large field 2